Gypsies’ culture

Black Sarah

The most famous Gypsy feast that gathers Gypsies from all over Europe is the feast of Saint Sarah in the Camargue. As legend goes, Mary Jacobi and Mary Salome were abandoned with other exiled people on a boat and they were helped by Sarah: she threw her cloak that became a raft on the water and […]

La mia tesi/My Graduation Thesis/ Mi tesis

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Spirits, magic and witchcraft

Ourmes or Ursitory: they are similar to the Latin Fates Parcae or the Greek Moirai, the goddesses of fate, and Gypsies are afraid of them above all in Central Europe. They are also known as White Women as they wear white dresses and they go in groups of three. They intervene when a gypsy baby […]

How Europeans welcomed Gypsies: persecutions

The Gypsy people would have arrived in Europe in two ways: on the one hand, following the Saracens who sometimes plundered Spain, passing through Arabia and Egypt, and on the other following the Turks, through Hungary and Bohemia. European historical background Europe was pledged in a period in which religion was predominant and the clergy […]

Myths and Legends about the Immigration of Gypsies to Europe

The origins of Gypsies have always been shrouded in mystery and over the years various theories have been advanced. Many scholars have dealt with this topic and basing their studies on typical Gypsy names and particular features have tried to explain where they originally came from. As one legend goes, they are descendants of those people who forged […]